Caring for Each Other

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Democrats led the effort to reform the state’s approach to education funding to reduce unfair funding disparities that are holding our kids back. Every child deserves a quality start in life, from good pre-natal care to quality early childhood learning opportunities.


Democrats successfully blocked Republican plans to cut $400 million from the Community Care Program, which keeps frail elderly Illinoisans out of hospitals and nursing homes, allowing them to live independently at home.

People with Disabilities

Bruce Rauner’s budget standoff led to layoffs and the closure of non-profits that provided support to those with disabilities. Democrats will continue to fight to protect services that allow people with disabilities to lead independent lives.


Those who fought for our freedom deserve the best care that we can provide. Democrats held repeated fact-finding oversight hearings to hold Rauner and his appointees accountable for their negligence at the Quincy’s Veterans Home.

Mental Health and Addiction

Governor JB Pritzker and Illinois Democrats are committed to improving access to mental health and addiction services and getting those living on the streets safe, stable, supportive housing.


Illinois Democrats advanced legislation to ensure that law enforcement does not illegally detain undocumented residents and stops landlords from using immigration status to harass, force an eviction or keep them from reporting dangerous living conditions.