Economic Development

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Health Care

Many Americans have pre-existing conditions. In 2018, a bipartisan coalition of legislators overrode former Governor Rauner’s veto of an insurance industry bill to allow insurance companies to sell consumers junk health care insurance policies.


Illinois Democrats have been at the forefront of providing retirement security for low-income wage earners, passing Secure Choice, an initiative of State Treasurer Michael Frerichs.

Tax Fairness

Republicans’ have made the federal tax system less equitable for low and middle-income taxpayers, and stripped all Illinois taxpayers of full deductions for property and state income taxes. Illinois Democrats are committed to a tax system that makes the wealthy pay their fair share.


Former Governor Rauner choked off tuition assistance to students and refused to fund our universities for nearly two years. Illinois Democrats fought to restore funding to our universities and the state’s financial aid program for low-income students.


Illinois Republicans want to eliminate the rights of Illinois workers to collectively bargain for safe workplaces, fair pay and good benefits. Illinois Democrats are fighting to keep Illinois from becoming a lower-wage state like neighboring Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, and Wisconsin.