Illinois voters spoke loud and clear this fall. Rejecting the politics of hate and big corporations over hard-working families, Illinois voters elected Democrats across the state.
a welcome message
The Democratic Party of Illinois is dedicated to rebuilding our state and reinvesting in its people. By expanding access to affordable health care, child care, college and technical training we can foster a dynamic economy that creates good jobs and provides a pathway for people to make it to the middle class. We can and must protect our most vulnerable, including children, the elderly, persons with disabilities, the homeless, and veterans facing physical and mental health challenges. We are also standing firm against attacks on our civil rights and putting an end to discrimination in all its forms. Learn more about the Democratic Party of Illinois’ priorities on the “Our Illinois” page and use the “Get Involved” page to find out how you can support Democrats at all levels. By working together, we can make our state and country work for all us.