Keeping Illinoisans Safe

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Targeting Predators

Illinois Democrats have led the effort to pass laws targeting sexual predators and ensuring those who continue to pose a danger to society remain behind bars. In response to recent reports, the Attorney General’s office established a hotline (1-888-414-7678) for those who wish to report clergy abuse.

Reducing Gun Violence

Democrats are pushing for common sense policies that will keep firearms out of the hands of those with a history of violence and that crack down on straw-purchasers and illegal trafficking from other states.

Clean Air and Water

Enforcement of the state’s clean air and water laws dropped significantly during former Governor Rauner’s administration. Democrats are committed to fighting for clean air and water for all the residents of Illinois.

Stronger Consumer Protections

Illinois Democrats targeted student loan companies for consumer fraud, enacting the Illinois Student Bill of Rights, requiring student loan servicers to be licensed by the state and to treat borrower fairly and truthfully.