Michael J. Madigan


A Message from the Chair

The strength of the Democratic Party of Illinois is in our diversity, our shared belief that every person should have the opportunity to have a job that pays a living wage, and our commitment to fighting for working families. We’ve never been a party that’s stood still. We embrace change and new thinking, especially when it helps increase Illinoisans’ health, well being and economic opportunities. I’m proud that since 2010 Illinois has stood out in the Midwest. While surrounding states have seen their legislatures flip to Republican control, Illinois is an island of blue in a sea of red. That success is due to the hard work of volunteers, activists, dedicated staff and candidates up and down the ballot. In 2020, we’re taking nothing for granted and have embarked on the most ambitious party-building effort ever. We will have a presence in every county, from Rockford to Cairo and the Quad-Cities to Kankakee, and every point in between. Please join us as we work to help the state recover from the damage caused by Bruce Rauner’s failed governorship and rebuild Illinois to work for everyone.

State Central Committeepeople

*Shirley McCombs recently passed away. She was a loyal Democrat and a hard worker for various campaigns, Menard County, and the State Central Committee. She will be missed.*

1st Congressional District

Chicago Alderman Michelle Harris
Congressman Bobby L. Rush

2nd Congressional District

Congresswoman Robin Kelly
Honorable Al Riley

3rd Congressional District

Chicago Alderman Silvana Tabares
Speaker of the House Michael J. Madigan

4th Congressional District

State Senator Iris Y. Martinez
Congressman Jesus “Chuy” Garcia

5th Congressional District

Honorable Cynthia M. Santos
Senate President John J. Cullerton

6th Congressional District

Honorable Nancy Shepherdson
Honorable Patrick Watson

7th Congressional District

Cook County Clerk Karen A.  Yarbrough
Congressman Danny K. Davis

8th Congressional District

State Senator Cristina Castro
Honorable Michael C. Cudzik

9th Congressional District

Honorable Carol Ronen
Honorable Michael Cabonargi

10th Congressional District

Honorable Lauren Beth Gash
Honorable Daniel M. Pierce

11th Congressional District

Honorable Julia Kennedy Beckman
Honorable Kevin Duffy Blackburn

12th Congressional District

Honorable Kathy West
Honorable Jerry Costello

13th Congressional District

Honorable Jayne Mazzotti
Honorable Terry Redman

14th Congressional District

Honorable Kristina Zahorik
Honorable Peter Janko

15th Congressional District

Honorable Vivian Robinson
Honorable Brandon Phelps

16th Congressional District

Honorable Christine Benson
Honorable Tom P. Walsh

17th Congressional District

Honorable Kate Jennings
Honorable Don Johnston

18th Congressional District

Honorable Shirley McCombs
Honorable Bill Houlihan