Votebuilder's Value

VoteBuilder contains information on all registered voters in Illinois, including name, residence, mailing address, age, phone number, and voting history. The database is updated several times a year using voter registration data from the Illinois State Board of Elections and other election authorities. The basic voter registration information is enhanced with data obtained from other sources such as additional phone numbers, address corrections, certain consumer information, voter interests, and precinct voting characteristics.

The system can be used to create walk, mailing and phone lists. You can also add your own data on voters contacted, track support for campaigns, and reflect campaign-specific targeting and identification. VoteBuilder makes it easy for users that work on the same campaign committee to share information with each other while also protecting data they want to keep to themselves. The database was built by NGPVAN under the guidance of Obama for America and has been the choice voter contact tool of Democratic candidates across the state and country.

Sign Up for an Action ID

ActionID is a login that makes it easier to volunteer and work with the Democratic campaigns you care about while allowing you to further protect your login information. You can use your email address, and you only have to remember one password.

Getting Started

For information on getting VoteBuilder for your campaign, contact us. You’ll need the associated campaign, candidate, information about the district and title of office(s) sought.

Training Documents

Want to learn how to utilize Votebuilder?We’re here to help make sure you’re able to get the most out of VoteBuilder! Contact us for training manuals, how-to-guides or questions.

Live Trainings

Want to have more training? You can schedule a webinar or in person training and customize whether you need the basic for beginners or whether you want to explore a specific feature.