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The strength of the Democratic Party of Illinois is in our diversity, our shared belief that every person should have the opportunity to have a job that pays a living wage, and our commitment to fighting for working families.

We’ve never been a party that’s stood still. We embrace change and new thinking, especially when it helps increase Illinoisans’ health, well being and economic opportunities. I’m proud that since 2010 Illinois has stood out in the Midwest. While surrounding states have seen their legislatures flip to Republican control, Illinois is an island of blue in a sea of red.

That success is due to the hard work of volunteers, activists, staff and candidates up and down the ballot. In 2020, we’re taking nothing for granted and have embarked on the most ambitious party-building effort ever. We will have a presence in every county, from Rockford to Cairo and the Quad-Cities to Kankakee, and every point in between. Please join us as we work to help the state recover from the damage caused by Bruce Rauner’s failed governorship and rebuild Illinois to work for everyone.

– Michael J Madigan, Chairman

The Democratic Party of Illinois is dedicated to rebuilding our state and reinvesting in its people. 

By expanding access to affordable health care, child care, college and technical training we can foster a dynamic economy that creates good jobs and provides a pathway for people to make it to the middle class. We can and must protect our most vulnerable, including children, the elderly, persons with disabilities, the homeless, and veterans facing physical and mental health challenges. We are also standing firm against attacks on our civil rights and putting an end to discrimination in all its forms.