Democratic Party of Illinois to host 2020 delegate sessions around the state

Chicago — The Democratic Party of Illinois today announced a series of 2020 delegate information sessions that will be held throughout the state to educate Democrats ahead of the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee next July.

Twenty-one delegate information sessions will be held throughout Illinois ahead of the delegate petition circulation period which begins October 5, 2019. A full list of locations and details can be found here. Speaking at the sessions will be representatives of the Democratic Party of Illinois, Democratic State Central Committee members, other Democratic leaders who have served as delegates in past conventions, as well as members of the Illinois Delegate Selection Affirmative Action Committee.

The delegate information sessions are part of the Democratic Party of Illinois’ work to engage Democrats across Illinois to ensure a diverse state delegation at the 2020 Democratic National Convention. Illinois has been allocated 184 delegates and 13 alternate delegates for the Convention. To become a delegate, you must be a registered voter and endorsed by a Presidential candidate. Most delegates must circulate petitions and stand for election in the March primary. Presidential candidates must approve delegates running under their banner.

“The top priority of Illinois Democrats in 2020 is nominating a candidate who shares in our goal of supporting the hard-working people of Illinois and can win back the White House,” said Michael J. Madigan, chairman of the Democratic Party of Illinois. “We are engaging Democrats across Illinois to help nominate a President who will better reflect the values of our country and the diversity of the Democratic Party.”

“Our party’s strength is its diversity and inclusiveness,” said Karen Yarbrough, vice chair of the Democratic Party of Illinois. “With one voice, we will take back the Presidency and work to support middle class families and the many more people who are working to get there.”

“The 2020 election is a great opportunity for people across our state to make their voice heard,” said Vivian Robinson, a Democratic State Central Committeewoman from Harrisburg. “It’s time to send a message that we need an economy that works for us and a president who isn’t trying to strip away our health care.” “We will be talking to people in communities across this state to encourage Democrats to get involved and have an impact on who is nominated to become our next President,” said Cristina Castro, a Democratic State Central Committeewoman from Elgin. “After three years of destructive and divisive rhetoric out of this White House, it is time for us all to get engaged and help change our country’s future for the better.”

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