If you are energetic, hard-working and committed to Democratic values, we hope you will consider a career electing Democratic candidates and advocating for Democratic policy initiatives. Democratic candidates, advocacy organizations and party and political action committees need Democratic and progressive job applicants with a variety of skill sets — from campaign organizing to database management. Levels of experience required vary by position.

The Democratic Party of Illinois is a resource for campaign positions across the state. The following represents a list of types of jobs that may be available. Note: this is not a list of current openings with the Democratic Party of Illinois.

For more information, email your resume to In your email or cover letter, please indicate a job category of interest:

Campaign Management

An experienced position that oversees all aspects of a campaign, from hiring to election day strategy and holds primary responsibility for managing the candidate.


Develops and manages relationships with media for the candidate, oversees the development of paid media strategies including television, radio and digital advertising and direct mail, and oversees all activity related to press for the campaign, including debate prep, speech writing, and developing campaign messaging.


Oversees financial and regulatory compliance, and ensures contributions and expenditures comply with applicable state and/or federal campaign finance laws. A background in accounting useful.

Database Manager

Manages a campaign’s voter network and creates and provides trainings and support for data users. 

Digital Marketing/Social Media

Develops a strategic plan for reaching voters through digital marketing — both paid and unpaid — and designs and posts digital and social media content.

Field Organizer

Recruits and deploys volunteers to execute the voter contact plan and ensures that all voter contacts are channeled into the campaign’s database for GOTV (Get Out The Vote).


Identifies potential donors, directs all grassroots fundraising activities, including email marketing and fundraising, direct marketing, and telemarketing. Requires a deep understanding of what compels supporters to donate.

Paid Canvasser

Conducts voter contact in person, via the phones, text or other electronic channels to identify and persuade residents to register and vote.

Policy Development

Provides leadership and support in developing the campaign’s policy and agenda while working closely with other senior staff, the candidate, community leaders, and policy advisors. Also, working with communications team, researches and drafts responses to special interest and newspaper questionnaires. Also, assists with preparing briefings, talking points and speeches for the candidate.

Research (Opposition Research)

Conducts research that examines Republican candidates and groups, policies, businesses, and public records to develop messaging and paid and unpaid media for a campaign. Must possess a good understanding of public records requests, campaign finance reports, personal financial disclosures, policy and legislation, third party groups, ad tracking, and research databases.

Voter Protection

Can be an attorney or a seasoned political organizer who ensures state and local election laws and practices are being followed and that voters are being allowed to exercise their legal right to vote. Also coordinates voter protection measures and recruits and trains volunteers to serve as poll watchers and other early voting and election day efforts.

The Democratic Party of Illinois is committed to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce and is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity, national origin, disability, age, marital, veteran or economic status.