Democrats led the effort to reform the state’s approach to education funding to reduce unfair funding disparities that are holding our kids back.

Every child deserves a quality start in life, from good pre-natal care to quality early childhood learning opportunities.

Democrats successfully blocked Republican plans to cut $400 million from the Community Care Program.

The Community Care Program keeps frail elderly Illinoisans out of hospitals and nursing homes, allowing them to live independently at home.

The Rauner years were a disaster for people with disabilities in Illinois.

The two- year budget standoff caused more than one million Illinoisans to lose critical services, led to thousands of layoffs and the closure of many non-profits and businesses that provided care and support to those with disabilities.  Democrats will continue to fight to protect services that allow people with disabilities to lead independent lives.

Those who fought for our freedom deserve the best care that we can provide.

Under Bruce Rauner’s failed leadership, thirteen veterans or their spouses died as a result of his administration’s incompetence in handling repeated Legionnaire’s Disease outbreaks at the Quincy’s Veterans Home. Democrats held repeated fact-finding oversight hearings to hold Rauner and his appointees accountable for their negligence, and Democrats led the effort to pass a budget funding a new, modern facility. Veterans – many who bear visible and invisible scars – have special health care requirements and sometimes need assistance with finding employment and reintegrating back into civilian life. They deserve so much more than cover-ups and lip service.

Too many Illinoisans live on the streets due to their struggles with mental illness and opioid addiction.

Their needless suffering comes at a high price for them and society. Despite a staggering opioid epidemic, former Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed legislation implementing the recommendations of the bipartisan Heroin Task Force. Governor JB Pritzker and Illinois Democrats are committed to improving access to mental health and addiction services and getting those living on the streets safe, stable, supportive housing.

Since his first days in office, President Trump has targeted immigrant communities, ordering raids at local schools, hospitals, churches and other places where all people should feel safe.

Protecting immigrants from illegal detention, physical and financial intimidation and discrimination is a core Democratic value which prompted Illinois Democrats to advance legislation to ensure that law enforcement officials do not illegally detain undocumented residents without a court order and prohibit landlords from using a tenant’s immigration status as a means of harassment, to force an eviction or to keep them from reporting dangerous living conditions.

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