Democratic National Convention Delegate Information

Delegates to the Democratic National Convention are selected through a process prescribed by the Rules and Bylaws of the Democratic National Committee, state law and the Democratic Party of Illinois Delegate Selection Plan. The DNC Delegate Selection Rules, 2020 Call for the Convention and 2020 Regulations from the Rules and Bylaws Committee largely dictate the process that State Parties must adhere to in developing their delegate selection plans. 

More information on the 2020 presidential election will be posted in the coming months.

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Democratic Party of Illinois Delegate Selection Plan

The majority of Illinois delegates to the 2020 Democratic National Convention will be selected in the Illinois Democratic Primary election in March of 2020. A limited number of Democratic leaders are automatically appointed delegates under DNC Rules (for example, Democratic members of Congress) and a small group of at-large delegates are selected by the elected delegates for the purpose of ensuring the Illinois delegation reflects the diversity of the Democratic electorate of the state. 

The Democratic Party of Illinois approved its Delegate Selection Plan. The Delegate Selection Plan will be reviewed by the Democratic National Committee for final approval.

Please note our state delegate selection plan was largely based on the DNC’s parameters and guidelines. Below you will find those documents as additional resources.