Delegate Information

In September, we held 21 informational sessions across the state to educate Democrats on the delegate selection process for the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee next July. We covered:

  • Illinois Democratic delegate selection process
  • Delegate’s role in the selection of the Democratic presidential nominee
  • How to become a delegate
  • Duties and responsibilities of a delegate
  • How to connect with a presidential campaign

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Statement of Candidacy and Petition forms

Democratic Party of Illinois Delegate Selection Plan

A delegate plays a significant role by representing Illinois at the Convention and helping select the Democratic presidential nominee. Delegates also help shape the Democratic Party’s platform and policies. For the 2020 Democratic Convention, Illinois has been allocated 184 delegates and 13 alternate delegates.

The Democratic Party of Illinois approved its Delegate Selection Plan. The Delegate Selection Plan will be reviewed by the Democratic National Committee for final approval.

Please note our state delegate selection plan was largely based on the DNC’s parameters and guidelines. Below you will find those documents as additional resources.