After several years of progress in reducing the number of people without insurance and containing health care cost increases, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, which became law with only Democratic support, Republicans in Washington and at the state level are working overtime to drive up health care costs and reduce coverage.

One-third of Americans or their family members have pre-existing conditions and Republicans want to allow insurance companies once again discriminate against them. In  2018, a bipartisan coalition of legislators overrode former Governor Rauner’s veto of an insurance industry bill to legally allow insurance companies to sell consumers  junk health care insurance policies.

While D.C. Republicans make plans to gut Medicare and Social Security, the two pillars of retirement security for most Americans, Illinois Republicans stay mute.

All Illinoisans, those who worked in government as well as those who spent their careers in the private sector deserve a secure retirement. Illinois Democrats have been at the forefront of providing retirement security for low-income wage earners, passing Secure Choice, an initiative of State Treasurer Michael Frerichs.

Illinois Republicans cheered when Washington Republicans passed tax cuts benefitting the very wealthy, while the wages of lower and middle-income Illinoisans fail to keep pace with inflation.

The Republicans’ have made the federal tax system less equitable for low and middle-income taxpayers, and stripped all Illinois taxpayers of full deductions for property and state income taxes. Meanwhile, in Illinois Republicans oppose common sense tax reforms that will cut taxes for nearly all Illinoisans. Illinois Democrats are committed to a tax system that makes the wealthy pay their fair share.

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