Fighting for Justice and Equality

The #MeToo Movement has opened the country’s eyes to the widespread problem of sexual harassment and discrimination in all parts of our society.

Illinois Democrats are tackling the issue head-on, passing a new law requiring all constitutional officers, members of the General Assembly, registered lobbyists, units of local government and school districts to include a prohibition on sexual harassment in their personnel policies. Additionally, the new law requires state government employees and lobbyists to complete training modules to ensure everyone knows the difference between acceptable and unacceptable conduct, public and legislative agencies to have clear, public procedures for filing complaints, and inspectors general to report monthly on the number of allegations they receive.

Dangerous offenders who have committed serious crimes should be incarcerated.

There are better, less expensive options to hold accountable those who have committed less serious crimes, especially non-violent offenders, who are often coping with substance abuse problems. In the last two years, Democratic legislators have advanced laws to increase the use of diversion programs like drug courts and remove obstacles that prevent ex- offenders from securing employment.

Wealthy, well-funded special interests have led a multi-decade campaign to limit Americans’ access to justice through the court system.

Illinois Republicans have repeatedly pressed to prevent injured workers from securing health care and lost wages from workplace injuries. Illinois Democrats believe that those who have suffered due to the negligent or intentional actions of others should have the right to hold those who have harmed them financially accountable.

Sadly, even in the year 2018, the most fundamental of rights, the right to vote, isn’t a given.

Republicans across the country and in Illinois are determined to make it harder to vote. A Republican Supreme Court majority unleashed the Citizens United decision on the country, allowing untraceable dark money to flow to candidates for offices at federal, state and local office. Illinois Democrats favor a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.

Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza has been at the vanguard of bringing a new level of accountability and transparency to state government.

Mendoza initiated legislation to keep former governor Bruce Rauner from hiding the fact that he was giving excessive salaries to his own staff and paying for them out of the budgets of other agencies. Mendoza also led the effort to pass a new law to require governors to provide an accurate, monthly accounting of the unpaid bills piling up in state agencies, thus giving the public a better understanding of state’s finances.

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