Madigan is fighting to make the minimum wage a living wage

Under his leadership, the Illinois House put a fair minimum wage bill on the governor’s desk, making Illinois only the third state to pass legislation raising the minimum wage to $15.

Madigan is demanding millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share

Madigan is working to amend to state constitution to replace Illinois’ regressive tax system with a progressive income tax, cutting taxes for 90 percent of Illinois taxpayers while forcing the ultra-wealthy to pay their fair share. Madigan looks forward to working with Governor Pritzker to make the Illinois tax system fairer.

Madigan is standing up to Donald Trump’s extreme changes to federal health law​

He passed a new law that prohibits insurance companies that sell policies in Illinois from discriminating against patients with pre-existing conditions, regardless of what Republicans in Washington do.

Madigan passed landmark education funding reform

His plan empowers parents with greater control over their children’s education and more transparency over how our tax dollars are spent. Madigan voted to provide $350 million in new education funding, helping ensure all children have the opportunity for a world-class education while taking a critical step toward property tax relief.

Madigan is demanding equal pay for women

He worked to pass measures that prohibit big businesses from asking applicants about their salary history, which can often lock women into lower pay for life. Madigan also passed a measure that would require state contractors to prove that they pay men and women equally in order to be eligible for taxpayer-funded deals.

Madigan is demanding commonsense gun laws to keep our families safe

Madigan fought to crack down on deadly military-style assault rifles, ban bump stock modifications that turn semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic firearms, and hold gun dealers accountable to ensure dangerous criminals and those with a history of domestic violence cannot obtain guns.

Madigan made same-sex marriage the law in Illinois

He helped build a coalition of Democrats and Republicans to legalize same-sex marriage more than a year before the Supreme Court recognized this fundamental right. He has continued to fight for greater equality, and combat discrimination in the workplace and in public.

Madigan knows Illinois must continue to lead the effort to combat climate change

Even as Donald Trump has chosen to retreat, Madigan passed a resolution calling on Illinois to join the U.S. Climate Alliance, an interstate pledge to continue to reduce carbon emissions in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement.

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