In recent years, too much of the economic pie has gone to the wealthy and powerful.

Everyone else is paying the price. Wages are stagnant, if not declining, for most hourly workers and those earning salaries. Small business owners, entrepreneurs and those who work as independent contractors face extremely high health care costs. Farmers are being hurt by record low commodity prices and counterproductive policies from Washington, D.C.

All Illinoisans deserve to have safe communities and schools, protected from violence, consumer fraud, corruption and environmental hazards.

Democrats are committed to keeping all Illinoisans safe.

No one knows when an unexpected event may change his or her life forever – an illness, job loss or a sick child.

Democrats believe in a strong social safety net that helps pick people up when they fall down, allows them to live with dignity and respect and, if possible, return to productive, full lives.

We are proud to be Illinoisans and committed to creating a state that works for all of our citizens.

Democrats believe in addressing severe inequities within our criminal justice system that have led to too many wasted lives, without making communities or the law enforcement officers who protect them, safer.